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Integration with Insteon Products

It is remarkable how technologies for the Internet of Things and those focusing on smart homes in particular gained so much attention through 2014. We’ve experienced an explosion of creative ideas on how to smartify a home. It’s very exciting, and for 2015 we expect to see even more developments. The burgeoning global Internet of Things market is on track to hit $7.1 trillion in 2020, according to IT research agency, IDC. The capabilities in this space look endless and the evolution of the smart home is going really fast.

In this fast changing landscape, one of the world’s best-selling technology that has been in business for more than a decade is Insteon. If you are a fan of the smart home movement, probably you are already familiar. A wide range of Insteon devices are available for you in order to invest and built a smart home. You can find smart thermostats, switches, controllers, dimmers or light bulbs and outlets. Insteon devices interoperate through power lines, radio frequency (RF) communications, or both. Controlling all the smart appliances is done via the Insteon Hub. It works in combination with your home router and gives you the ability to access and control your home appliances via your phone or tablet either while in your home or when you are away. Even though, some users report that the software app in some cases is inconsistent and incomplete – Insteon is an established technology that offers a reliable and affordable home automation solution.

A natural next step is to start combining your appliances. “When I’m away, switch off the thermostat and lights” or “When I return home, bring them back on” so the home is waiting for you. Can this be done with Insteon? Unfortunately not. What about extending your smart home by adding smart appliances from other brands? Like that nice WiFi door lock, or those color led bulbs. Can these devices interact with the Insteon smartphone application? Again, the answer is negative. Insteon is not compatible with products from other brands. If you are a smart home owner, you do know that these features are not just “nice to have”. They are critical.


Photo Credit Nick Harris (Flickr)

We, Smart home owners, need a radical change on how we interact with our homes. We need new ways to make the management of all our smart appliances easier and more convenient.

Fortunately, we can get a lot of help from Sensorflare. How?

Sensorflare works with Insteon products, and makes them instantly compatible with a broad range of smart home products. No more obstacles in communication with smart appliances from other vendors. All Insteon appliances can be easily combined with Zigbee, Z-wave, Wifi, Bluetooth devices and many more. Start with your connected products from your favourite brands – including Insteon, Philips Hue, Nest, Ecobee and others – and control them from Sensorflare. Now, they are all connected via Sensorflare, so you don’t need a different app for every product. Finally! Now you have more choices when it come to the proper devices for your home.

But this is not the only thing. You can now add the missing intelligence to your Insteon Smart Home. Sensorflare identifies meaningful ways that your devices can be combined and used and presents a collection of Intelligence suggestions. Sensorflare connects with all your smart appliances and identifies combination of devices and usages than we even perform subconsciously. It provides simple suggestions on how to improve your smart home experience by auto-optimising the operation of each individual device. Let’s say that the gateway door of your house is connected to the Internet, together with the entrance lights. So, every time you approach, you can control them via your smartphone. This is a habit, a routine. By recognizing such habits, Sensorflare identifies the repetition of your actions and proposes to automate them! Now, every time you are coming back, your home is already waiting for you without the need to reach for your smartphone and tap the screen! Take a look!

Cool, eh?

In Sensorflare we bring people and things together, we create a unified experience with people in foreground. Make your life simpler by connecting to the things that matter.

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