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Juggling with the Internet of Things

People let’s be honest, it’s no secret! On planet Earth there is a global trend that is known as Internet of Things,or IoT, or Internet of Everything, or Machine-to-Machine… By any name, there is one conclusion – the Internet of Things is the most increasingly burgeoning topic. There are so many articles and conversations that explain not only what exactly is the “Internet of Things”, but also the complexities, the pros and cons, the effect in our lives. Living in this new era of connectivity, smart devices like thermostats, plugs, lighting systems, sensors, activity trackers can speak to each other sending and receiving data. This is actually the idea of global interconnection growing up day by day. The analyst firm Gartner says that in 2020, there will be up to 30 billion devices connected with unique IP addresses, most of which will be products. It is truly remarkable! This means that many smart devices will be used by one user. But there is one question about this: “How can this user manage all those different smart devices?”

Users need to juggle all their Internet of Things devices. Is it always so fun?

Juggling with Internet of Things devices

Photo Credit Pedro Moura Pinheiro (Flickr)

Let’s say that you are living in a smart home. All your smart appliances are full of promise: lights that turn on when the sun sets or your door opens, coffee makers that turn on when you wake up, thermostats turning on when you approach and save money, garage doors that open when you come home after work. The issue is that suddenly the convenience and simplicity of the smart home becomes burdensome and stressful. It is the rule, the more devices you bring home the more different apps you need to control wasting your precious time. What you need?




The answer is simple! You need Sensorflare.

Our cloud platform adds genuine intelligence to all smart devices – regardless the brand –  harnessing them to understand the user’s habits and needs to ultimately enhance everyday life without the hassle of complex configuration. Speaking many language such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Insteon, and more we are ready to offer you the only experience improving your everyday life. Sensorflare will observe, understand and suggest intelligent targeted app to the user bypassing any complex configuration reaching on a more human level. Changing the way that people connect with their smart devices we add value to people’s life. Our mission has just begun.

Afraid to let your home grow intelligence?

OK – let’s face it. New York Times is always full of interesting articles. The article “Silicon Valley sharknado” by Maureen Dowd is an excellent example. After reading it, you start wondering if you should worry about rampaging robots. Should we keep an eye on investments in artificial intelligence companies for “scary outcomes” ? Should we be afraid of robots turning psychopathic and chase us off the Earth and up to Mars?

What about houses? We are in a position where we can monitor the appliances, lights, thermostats and understand if their performance can be improved. We do not have to invent a cyber brain to do this. Existing algorithms can be used to make our homes intelligent.

Having a house that can reason about how we use our appliances and how we could save energy by switching some of them off, sounds interesting. Is this so scary? A home thinking and organizing things better than we do. For some of us it may sound scary.

Home: “You should not watch TV – tomorrow you have to wake up early. Your bed is ready.” Sounds like Mama? Well, we all love them. But do we still need them to always be there?