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Sensorflare: Speak to your Smart Home

It is known that the smart home market is growing.  Devices and technologies embracing the Internet of things (IoT) become more ubiquitous. There are more and more devices being launched into the market each week that can connect to your home. According to Business Insider, connected-home device shipments will grow at a compound annual rate of 67% over the next five years, much faster than smartphone or tablet device growth, and hit 1.8 billion units shipped in 2019. There are so many different gadgets from the biggest brand names available these days like Nest or Ecobee smart thermostats, Belkin We-Mo or Insteon switches, Philips Hue or LIFX lights, August or Unikey door locks, Dropcam, Fitbit, Jawbone and many more that promise to make your life better.

If you have a mixture of different smart devices in your home maybe you are interested in communicating in a more natural way with them!
You might wonder, “what does it mean?”.


Photo Credit derrickcollins (Flickr)

Did you remember the Clapper? Clapper is a sound activated electrical switch sold by Joseph Enterprises and marketed with the slogan “Clap on, clap off”! These devices were built on the notion that remote controls weren’t nearly convenient enough. So, they allowed people to operate appliances without getting up! Today we have got smartphones or tablets for that. Right? Using today’s technology, we are able to control and monitor the lights, the locks, the switches, the blinds with a touch of a button! We have total control of our home! Isn’t this great?

The booming smart home industry is giving consumers the ability to explore the experience of living in a smart space with so many intelligent features that may sound too good to be true, but I assure you it isn’t. The voice control of your home is truly one of the most incredible experiences! You can say things like “turn on the lights”, “turn off the thermostat” or “lock the door” and your home will know what you mean. Using short commands related to home automation you are able to control and manage all your smart devices only with your voice. Ok, you might think that this is quite difficult or it is not ready for consumers yet. However, the era of speaking to your house has arrived! It’s great to be able to speak to your smart home controlling and managing all your smart devices only with your voice!

How could you do that? Via Sensorflare! Because Sensorflare lets you speak to your smart home. You don’t believe me? Find out more here

Using the Sensorflare Genie you will be able to speak to your houses. It allows you to interact with your connected gadgets by using voice commands. Now, you can control your home with your voice anytime, anywhere. Lights, security, climate, and more! We are making sure your voice is heard with Sensorflare. Sensorflare uses a voice-activated control for your smart home using Speaktoit Assistant technology and exploiting the functionality to understand the semantics of the command and neo4j to traverse the ontology with all the devices matching the semantics. Cool, eh? You can use it right now…

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