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According of what happened at CES 2015 the smart home – along with the Internet of Things – was for the first time the biggest theme. The reality is that the rapid advances in electronics integration, miniaturisation and processing power have brought about a marked increase in computing and electronic devices that now surround us in our daily lives. The ever-increasing number of devices also inevitably brings new kinds of functionality, user interfaces, functions and increased complexity, which is something we have to cope with. For some of us this increase in smart home devices raises certain issues: how will these devices work together or how will work properly with the old ones, how can they all be interconnected to enable more intuitive control of the future home and what possibilities would such a home offer its occupants.


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The truth is that the smart home is a concept that promises improved ways to control functions in the home, flexible networks that can connect to any device, adaptive control facilities and peace of mind for its users. Right? This is the goal, but how can it be achieved using the present technology along with our old smart devices? What do we do with our old smart gadgets? I have an answer for you!

Keep your old smart devices – regardless the vendor or communication protocol –  in the game adding new features and capabilities with the help of Sensorflare!

Sensorflare as a promised player in the battle of the smart home platforms is what you need in order to control and manage your smart home devices easily adding new kinds of features in your existing devices and systems! It is a cloud app that allows users to control all their smart devices via a single point. Sensorflare is the place you can go and add all your new and old smart devices, set up notifications to know when important things happen, trigger actions to take place automatically, and discover new ways to live smart.

I will give you an example using one smart home category. Let’s say that we live in a smart home with X10 devices. Ok? I think of X10 as the father of home automation. Certainly not a dead technology! There are so many X10 users that love to see their homes go to the next level. Some of them are already use the Mochad – a Linux TCP gateway for the X10 –  in order to control and manage them. Sounds hard, no? Sensorflare goes a step ahead extending Mochad adding support for cloud control of X10 devices. The result? New features and capabilities for your smart devices.

Using Sensorflare you can profit from command autocomplete/history using the online mochad terminal. Via the history of Sensorflare you can communicate with your home and tell it what you want it to do for you automatically without the need of create a new command. Also you can have the status reporting and historical information for X10 devices. Sensorflare give us a lot of interesting ways to control, manage and secure our homes. Instead of replacing your old smart home devices with a newer I will suggest you to give a try with Sensorflare.

Do you use any smart home devices? Share your thoughts below!

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