Sensorflare supports X10 devices!

I thought I might write up a little primer on home automation using X10 technology. Why? Because when you look around at many of the smart home systems coming to market you see a variety of wireless technologies – Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Insteon are the most popular – but X10 none. What does that mean for users who have X10 smart devices? Is X10 an obsolete technology? Absolutely not!

Let me remind you a few things about X10


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X10 is an industry standard technology for home automation. The technology behind X10 has been developed over several decades and remains popular today despite competition from other standards. X10 utilizes either wired power line or wireless radio communication methods. A X10 home automation environment utilizes sensors and control devices that communicate with each other and manage various household appliances. These devices most commonly interface with lights, thermostats, security cameras and others.

Today for smart home owners, putting together a smart home remains mostly a do-it-yourself project. Right? You choose your components, connect them to your home network and start living your connected life. But now, some newer smart home products are coming to market that enable you to use what you have by transforming a dumb device to one that’s smart. So, what suppose to mean for users that already live in a smart home having established a smart ecosystem?

My personal view is that the average consumer is not going to change their X10 light switches, for example in order to replace them with the ‘new tech’ light switches that pushed into the market the last month! Why? Because they still work fine! There are people who uses old X10 controllers to manage their pool heaters, landscape lights, sprinklers and others. Some are from the 80’s and still work fine. There are so many X10 users that have a huge inventory of no longer supported X10 devices which they would love to see supported! These users are trying to figure out how they bringing together their “old” smart devices with the newer smart home products in order to live in a connected home.

We all love getting new gadgets, but what to do with the old ones?

The answer is simple! We don’t have to throw them out! Who has the money to trash everything and buy all new devices? And if you do have, why would you do that? It’s a bit wasteful. And let me tell you why… Because Sensorflare is here and supports X10 devices. If you are one of many thousand of people that jumped into home automation game early with X10 devices you could use Sensorflare. With Sensorflare you can keep adding new technology in your smart home system that already have without the hassle of managing your old and new smart devices simultaneously. You can have all your smart devices in one place, Sensorflare is what you need for your future automation expansions.

How it works? Sensorflare uses the Mochad in order to control and manage the X10 devices. Mochad is a very good and simple project that works perfectly with Sensorflare. In order to connect Mochad to Sensorflare you need to follow these simple steps. After that Sensorflare Mochad Terminal provides you with suggestions for the most common x10 commands. Just start typing your command and Sensorflare will show you the most recent commands you have used. Add your devices and services to platform, let Sensorflare to see your supported devices, products or services and then you can just focus on the real world experiences. Sensorflare not only help you to control and manage your smart devices but also suggest you intelligence solutions for your daily life.

If you have not tried Sensorflare yet, now is the time!

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