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Highlights of What’s New in the Sensorflare platform!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at Sensorflare! Why?

We’re happy to announce that two new devices are now compatible with the Sensorflare. Here are some brief insights on them:


Check on your plants anytime, anywhere.


PlantLink makes you a smarter gardener by telling you when your plants need water. This smart device makes watering simple and efficient. By combining moisture sensors, PlantLink lets you know when your plants need water. Simply place Links in soil indoors or outdoors, and the system will calibrate to the plant’s watering needs using a catalog of over 50,000 plants. Never worry about over or under-watering again.


Build your connected product.

Particle is for you who love DIY projects! Particle offers a suite of hardware and software tools to help you prototype, scale, and manage your Internet of Things products. If yparticle-docsou are a DIY kind of person you could use the Particle hardware development kits like the Spark Core (Wi-Fi), the Photon (Wi-Fi) and the Electron ( 2G/ 3G cellular) in order to build your first prototype in minutes.

Ready for more news? We have two new DIY projects for you!

Now with Sensorflare and a Spark Core you can:

If you want to learn how you can do these, read our posts on Instructables and start making your home smarter!

Any home can be a smart home with Sensorflare!

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2 New Compatible Devices + DIY smart home projects = Our Summer News

We’re excited to announce that two new devices are now compatible with the Sensorflare platform.

Each of these devices is now available to all users of Sensorflare under Devices & Services. Here are some brief insights on them:


Be in complete control of your body from anywhere!


Withings offer smart products and apps to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a new and easy way. Discover among them the Withings Pulse, Wi-Fi Body Scale, and Blood Pressure Monitor. Withings are designed for you who wants to lose a few pounds, exercise more, keep an eye on your blood pressure, or sleep better! These smart connected devices will help you easily take care of your health and well-being.


Make sure you return to a warm home!


The Netatmo Weather Station contains a unique set of sensors to monitor your living environment’s temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, noise pollution, and more. It helps people to understand the environment they live in by creating connected objects that measure what they can’t see.


Are you ready for more news?  Do you love DIY projects?

If you do… keep up reading this post!

If not, maybe it time to change your mind on that!

Now with Sensorflare and a Raspberry Pi you can create a smart home controller for your RF devices! You will be able to control your RF devices remotely and control them from with a single click from your web browser or mobile phone. If you want to learn how you can do this, read this post on Instructables and start making your home smarter!

Do you want more DIY projects?  Well… we do not have something for you right now but if you have a Spark Core  lying around stay tuned for the good news 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Have you Withings or Netatmo? Are you a DIY kind of person?

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Sensorflare is participating in Business IT Excellence contest

Business IT Excellence Contest

The Business IT Excellence contest is searching for the best Internet of Things solution for the businesses! In this contest entrepreneurs, developers and users come together to find the most efficient ones. The companies – developer of those solutions will be qualified after a public voting, through social media and via email voting. The voting process will last from 11.05.2015 till 22.06.2015.

The winner will be selected by a jury from the 15 solutions with the most votes. The winner with his solution will become heroes of an advertising campaign worth 30,000€ and also the winning company will become partner of OTE / COSMOTE.

We’re excited to announce that Sensorflare is participating in contest! We invite you to support and vote for Sensorflare!

Vote now

Why? Because via Sensorflare you can:

  • Use intelligent lighting, motion sensors, smart thermostats and iBeacons technologies to control your work-life environment.
  • Reduce energy consumption, improve lighting conditions and optimize ambient conditions.

Watch out how Sensorflare can improve your business environment by combining different smarthome technologies!

sources: Business IoT Excellence